How to Eat Healthy in a Food Crazed Culture

Do you find it difficult to eat healthy food when those around you aren’t? You are not alone. We live in a culture where food is everywhere! What makes it even worse is that we eat food for so many more reasons than just hunger and fueling our bodies.

The truth is that food is Read more of this post


Weight Loss 101 – The Secret Revealed

Want to know the secret to losing weight?

I thought I’d put some scam websites out of business by giving you the answer for free. I reckon if the ‘secret’ is so good then it should be out there for all of us to know and benefit from.

Is it cutting out carbohydrates? Is it eating the right combination of vegetables at the right times of the day? Is it a pill, shake or detox diet?

Do you really want to know what the ‘secret’ is? Are you sure?

You probably already know it and if you do, you’ll know it isn’t as exciting as you once thought.

So… what’s the secret to losing weight? Read more of this post

12 Week Exercise Challenge

Exercise, to me, is bitter sweet. The challenge of waking early, putting on my runners, walking out that front door and enduring the pain I feel when I push myself just that little bit harder is coupled with the incredible feeling of self-satisfaction and well-being that only comes from Read more of this post

Weight Loss 101 – 30 Ways to Increase Energy Out

A very common phrase that I often hear people say is: “My metabolism is so slow, I put on weight really easy”. Although there is an element of truth to this statement, most people are not 100% sure of what metabolism really is. Without a proper understanding about how our bodies harness and use energy we will find it difficult to understand why sometimes our weight loss efforts aren’t working. Read more of this post