High Folate Meals and Snacks

Are you getting enough folate in your diet? It’s really important that you do, especially if you are planning on becoming pregnant. Folate intake should be adequate prior to conception to decrease the risk of neural tube defects. For more information on folate and it’s role in the body please see my fact sheet on Folate.

Here are 7 high folate meals and snacks for your eating pleasure! Read more of this post


10 Snack and Meal Ideas to Increase Your Calcium Intake

Calcium is an essential nutrient and is necessary for normal bone growth and tooth development.

A large proportion of our population, particularly woman, are not getting enough calcium in their diet. This is a problem because long term calcium deficiency results in the disease osteoporosis. Read more of this post

10 Ways to Add Flavour Without Adding Kilojoules

Photo by Zsuzsanna Kilian

Do you want to eat healthy but are worried your food will become to boring? Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, it can be the best food you’ve ever tasted!

If you are serious about learning how to eat well and lose weight then it’s vital that you master the art of adding flavour without the use of high-energy dressings and marinades.

Here are 10 ways you can add flavour to your food without adding too many kilojoules: Read more of this post

Mix My Muesli

Breakfast is a major component of a healthy diet.

One a the best food choices to start your day is muesli. Packed full of nutrition muesli has a low GI (Glycemic Index), will keep you feeling full and satisfied for most of the morning and is a great source of soluble fibre.

Although I like muesli, I’m quite fussy about the ingredients and find it difficult to find a pre-mixed muesli that I like.

Mix My Muesli is a fantastic website where you can create your own muesli, just the way you like it and have it delivered to your door! It’s fantastic, comes fresh and tastes great! Check them out: www.mixmymuesli.com.au