How to Eat Healthy in a Food Crazed Culture

Do you find it difficult to eat healthy food when those around you aren’t? You are not alone. We live in a culture where food is everywhere! What makes it even worse is that we eat food for so many more reasons than just hunger and fueling our bodies.

The truth is that food is Read more of this post


Want to change your life? Here’s How to Make it Stick

It’s the first week of a new year. You’re feeling motivated, refreshed and confident (well I hope you do!). You’ve set some resolutions to make some lifestyle changes to improve your health and just generally feel better. Now what?

I don’t know about you but I always feel motivated the night before I’m going to “start my new life” or “run every morning” or “never eat junk food again”. Then 6.00am comes and I feel so shocked to be awake I want to throw my phone at the wall for being so loud, so early in the morning and in that moment I decide that staying an extra hour in bed is far more important than exercise, despite the fact I vowed to myself that this year I was going to change… Read more of this post

10 Easy Food Swaps to Keep You Healthy This Summer

Photo by Robert Michie

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact it’s actually as simple as making good choices every day. Here are 10 easy food swaps you can make that will go a long way on keeping you healthy this summer. Enjoy! Read more of this post

The Benefits of Meal Planning – Free Download!

Meal planning is a very important aspect of eating well. Here’s why: Read more of this post