My Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Happy Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year! Summer holidays, beach trips, family meals, new year parties… I love that there is always something fun happening, always something good to eat and the freedom of knowing that the past year is behind you and the best is yet to come!

A few years ago I was working in the weight loss industry and my boss at the time had a big sign made up that read “Christmas is a holiday from your work, not your health”. This was placed up on the wall right at the entrance where the members of the weight loss centre could see it clearly.

I really connected to the idea of that statement and every time the silly season comes around I remember Read more of this post


My Top 5 Kitchen Tips for Weight Loss

Believe it or not there are little things you can do to help create a weight loss friendly kitchen! Here they are:

1. No Dishes Policy

I don’t know about you but I am much less motivated to cook something healthy and wholesome if my dishes aren’t done, my benches aren’t wiped or if the chopping boards and fry pans are still dirty from the night before. My kitchen has a no dishes policy: Dirty dishes are not to be left out over night, because I hate waking up to a messy kitchen.  Clean kitchens are weight loss friendly kitchens!

2. Go Green

Invest in some green bags for your fridge. These are not the environmentally friendly bags that we use for our groceries, but bags that are used to store fruit and vegetables in the fridge. A massive part of eating well is consuming fresh food, but alas fresh food doesn’t stay fresh for long, especially if its not stored properly. These green bags will keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and help minimise wastage.

3. Smart storage

I absolutely recommend investing in some pantry storage containers such as Tupperware. They keep pantry food fresh for a long time and makes it easy to have a stocked pantry all the time. This means that you will always have the ingredients you need on hand.

4. Keep it Temptation Free

How many times do you walk over to the fridge, open it and grab something to eat, just cause you’re board or watching TV and want to snack on something? I do it quite a a lot in fact, but because I don’t buy snack food, I walk over to the fridge or cupboard, open it and find nothing to eat except healthy food that generally requires preparation. It stops me from aimlessly eating just because I’m board. If its not in there, you wont eat it.

5. Edible Decoration

Get out one of your favourite serving bowels and fill it with lots of beautiful, colourful, fresh fruit. Not only does it look pretty, it gives your kitchen this awesome “healthy vibe” and also provides you with healthy snacks whenever you need one!

5 Ways to Say "No" to Junk Food

Saying “no” to junk food is one of the hardest things that people, who are trying to lose weight and improve their health will face. Why? Surely its just as simple as saying no. Unfortunately, its not. I think that one of the reasons for this is, is that junk food is not only eaten to satisfy hunger. We eat for so many other reasons as well. Boredom, sadness, happiness, to celebrate, to mourn and to connect with others, just to name a few. Eating food is emotional, social, cultural and seasonal. Read more of this post

Eat Your Vegies They’ll Make You’re Hair Go Curly…

The Australian Dietary Guidelines tells us that for good health we should eat five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit every day. I don’t know about you but sometimes I struggle with the 5 serves of vegetables!

Yummy and satisfying is not the first word that springs to mind when I think about vegetables but I know that they are good for me. They contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and they help maintain a healthy body weight by decreasing a meals energy density.

In order to get these morsels of nutritional gold into my body I went on a search for something yummy, healthy and satisfying. I was inspired by this amazing recipe book called Donna Hay’s Simple Essentials Cookbook Salads and Vegetables. It was full of yummy recipes with beautiful fresh ingredients that make eating vegetables a joy and not a chore.

One of the recipes in the book inspired me to make a yummy warm vegetable frittata. Perfect for lunch on a cold winters day. I changed it a bit to decrease fat content but still maintain good flavour. This is what I made:

500-600g sweet potato, peeled and chopped
1 red capsicum – thickly sliced
1 yellow capsicum – thickly sliced
4 chat (baby) potatoes – quartered
2 zucchini – quartered
Olive oil spray

6 eggs
3/4 cup lite milk
1/2 cup low fat cheese – grated
30g low fat feta cheese – cubed
100g 97% fat free ham – roughly chopped
handfull of shredded fresh basil
handfull of shredded fresh continental parsley
black pepper

Place all the vegetables (sweet potato, capsicums, zucchinis and potatoes) on a roasting tray, coat very lightly with olive spray and season with a bit of salt. Place in an oven at 180 degrees Celsius and bake for about 40 mins or until they are soft and golden.Once they are cooked place them in a non-stick frying pan.

Mix together the eggs, milk, both cheeses, ham, basil, parsley and pepper. Pour the egg mixture over the vegetables and cook over a low heat for about 10 minutes or until it starts to set. Then place the frying pan under a pre-heated grill and cook until the top is nice and golden. About 2-5 minutes. Let it stand for about 5 minutes and then serve. Serves 4

Nutritional information:
Per serve:
Fat: This dish is 97% fat free and one serve contains 13g fat.
Protein: This dish is a great source of protein and one serve contains 30g of protein.
Carbohydrate: This dish contains important carbohydrates and very little sugar.
Fibre: This dish provides 6g of your daily fibre needs (adults need 25-30g per day).
It is a great source of vitamin A, riboflavin (B vitamin), vitamin C & calcium.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!