Vegies to Your Door

If you have connected with me on Facebook or spoken with me recently you may have heard me mention a local Canberran fruit and vegetable delivery service – Vegies to Your Door.

If you haven’t, I would like to introduce you to this great delivery service and announce that Vegies to Your Door and Kate Freeman Nutrition have officially joined forces! It’s a mutual love of easy, convenient and most importantly fresh and healthy food that bring us together and I’m so pleased to endorse a business that values things such as these.

Vegies to Your Door sources A-grade, fresh fruit and vegetables that have been picked, packed for transport and delivered straight to your door in such a short time frame that it’s guaranteed to be fresh!

Since I started using Vegies to Your Door to feed my family I have been very impressed with the quality of service and most importantly the taste, presentation and freshness of the produce. I have herbs in my fridge that are still fresh and perky that I bought 5 days ago. This doesn’t happen when I buy fresh herbs from a supermarket! Apples are are crisp, oranges are sweet, sugar snap peas are crunchy and my salad leaves don’t wilt the next day or the next week for that matter!

If you value feeding your family fresh food but find it difficult to find the time, head on over to their website, place an order before 1pm and have fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to your door the next day! It’s so easy!

Sign up to their weekly newsletter you’ll receive regular information on fruit, vegetables, healthy eating and much more with articles exclusive to Vegies to Your Door!

There are some exciting up coming joint projects, so stay tuned!

I’m very excited to be a part of promoting healthy eating and it gives me nothing but pleasure to endorse a business that makes eating fresh fruit and vegetables as easy as this!


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