Fussy Kids? 6 Ways to Combat Food Neophobia

Getting your young children to eat healthy, nutritious food that the whole family is eating can be very challenging and at times stressful. Meal times can be far from relaxing and most nights can feel like a battle field trying to get your toddler or pre-schooler to eat the family meal.

Food neophobia is a term used to describe Read more of this post


Sunday Lunch – Family dinners and Obesity

The Art of Eating Well is not just about balancing good nutrition with taste. I believe if you really want to master the ‘art’ of eating well then we need to embrace, cherish and promote the act of family meal times!

Oh the wonderful childhood memories that I have from growing up around the dinner table. Not only was I taught things about food that have stuck with me for life (like leaving your plate clean at the end of a meal), but I have also Read more of this post