8 Non-Laxative Ways to… Ahem… Get the Bowels Moving

Do you find it difficult to… ahem… poo?

Does your abdomen feel a little bloated and a tad sluggish?

Do you feel satisfied and happy after a bowel movement or does it feel like there’s still more to come but it just wont pass? Read more of this post


Have you had a B.E.E.P today?

As an indicator of good digestive health we should have a B.E.E.P everyday. What am I talking about?

A couple of years ago I worked for a great company called Health Futures. The previous owner, Rob Edwards used to give seminars and in those presentations he would talk about the importance of having a B.E.EP. Although meant to envoke humour in the audience, there was a really important message. Don’t underestimate the importance of fibre in your diet.

B.E.E.P stands for:

Fibre creates bulk in our diet and helps move waste and undigested food easily through our digestive track. Large, easy to expel bowel movements are a great indicator that you are eating enough fibre everyday. It is recommended that we eat about 25-30g of fibre with the best sources coming from fruit, vegetables, legumes (beans, lentils), nuts, seeds and cereal grains (brown rice,  wholewheat, oats, barely, rye, corn).

Not only will fibre contribute to a healthy gut, but there is a lot of emerging scientific evidence that suggests fibre is important in weight maintenance and that increasing your dietary fibre intake may be protective against obesity through better appetite control (Sleeth et al).

If you are trying to lose weight or improve your health in the whole area of bowel movements you can’t go past some fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Choose high fibre and you wont need to read on the loo, you wont be there long enough!

Have a good B.E.E.P!

Nutrition Research Reviews Vol 23, 2010, pp: 135-145.