Lifestyle Plans: These Lifestyle Plans are an eBook style product specially written and tailored to your individual and specific needs to help you lose weight in the easiest, healthiest way possible.

Diet Analysis: The Diet Analysis is an online product that involves a food record and lifestyle questionnaire. You’ll receive information and recommendations on your intake of energy, carbohydrate, fat,  protein, specific vitamins, minerals, fibre, fluid and salt.

Special Needs: There will be eBooks available on special diets for specific needs including, Celiacs, Gluten Intolerance, Diabetes, Low Fibre, Cholesterol Lowering etc. Watch this Space!

Meal Planning: A Meal Planning workshop will teach you how to create an effective meal plan, write a shopping list, know in advance how much it will cost and healthy tips for the whole family. Smart shopping WILL save you money.

Recipe Analysis: The Recipe Analysis is an online product that not only gives you all the nutrition information, but also gives you recommendations and suggestions on how to make it even healthier. For just $10 you can have 5 of your favourite recipes analyzed.

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