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This page contains information on various nutrition topics. My goal is to dispel any nutrition myths and present factual, unbiased information that is easy to understand and help you eat better and stay healthy.

It is a work in progress and will be gradually added to over time. If you would like to request information on a particular topic please send your request via the Contact Me page and I will endeavor to put it on the “to do” list. 🙂


Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Vitamin E


Vitamin K



Weight loss

Losing Weight – Dealing with Lifestyle Changes

Weight Loss 101 – Energy Balance

Weight Loss 101 – Energy expenditure

Weight Loss 101 – The Secret Revealed

Why Bad Food Associations are Making You Fat

7 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

14 Ways to Avoid Overweight Kids

My Top 5 Kitchen Tips for Weight Loss

Please Note:
The information presented on this site should be used in conjunction with advice from your GP doctor, and is not intended to be a replacement of such. Your GP should be aware of your current medical conditions, as well as any medication you may be taking. It is strongly recommended that you consult your physician if you are pregnant, have a known medical condition, or are taking any prescribed medication, before embarking on a new dietary or exercise regimen.
I do make every effort to ensure that the information presented here is correct and factual, however the area of nutrition is extremely fast moving, and it may not be possible to keep all of the older articles up-to-date with the latest findings. Please contact me if you discover any articles, which you feel require attention.
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