My Top 10 Tips to Save Money on Groceries

1. Plan, Plan, Plan
I cannot stress enough how important meal planning is when trying to eat well. When you plan your meals, write out a shopping list at the same time, that way you’ll only buy what you need. Impulse buying is expensive, be prepared and you’ll save heaps.

2. No Surprises
I have an account with Woolworths home shop. Once I’ve written my shopping list, I log on and add all the items on my list to the shopping cart so I know roughly how much it will cost. No surprises when I get to the checkout. If I’m over budget I can adjust my list so I don’t overspend, before I even get the the supermarket. Read more of this post


Spend Too Much on Your Groceries?

What sort of grocery shopper are you? Most people do this:

They walk into the supermarket and start at one end of the shop and make their way through all the aisles until they get to the other end. They grab things that they like, that catch their eye, which seem like a good idea at the time. They get to the checkout and are shocked at how much it all cost but still find themselves back at the supermarket during the week because there is nothing to eat.

Is this you? Do you find that you spend lots of money on food and therefore think that you can’t afford to eat healthy? Do you never know what to make the family for dinner or when you do have an idea you find out that you don’t have the ingredients? Read more of this post