Are you a ‘junk’ food enabler?

So, you are trying to lose weight. You’re feeling super motivated and the last 4 days you’ve been really good. You are confident that you can stick to your weight loss efforts and achieve your goals. Friday night comes along and you are at a friends place for dinner… Out comes the caramel cheesecake and ice cream that your friend has spent half the day making. She’s really looking forward to you tasting her culinary efforts… Read more of this post


5 Ways to Say "No" to Junk Food

Saying “no” to junk food is one of the hardest things that people, who are trying to lose weight and improve their health will face. Why? Surely its just as simple as saying no. Unfortunately, its not. I think that one of the reasons for this is, is that junk food is not only eaten to satisfy hunger. We eat for so many other reasons as well. Boredom, sadness, happiness, to celebrate, to mourn and to connect with others, just to name a few. Eating food is emotional, social, cultural and seasonal. Read more of this post