Kate Freeman Nutrition has Upgraded!

Good Morning!

As you may be aware, Kate Freeman Nutrition has begun the journey of becoming a fully fledged business! It’s a very exciting time!

In order to grow my online presence it was necessary to upgrade my website. This means that www.katefreemannutrition.com.au has moved to a new and improved site!

The site that you are currently viewing has changed to http://www.katefreemannutrition.wordpress.com and I will no longer be posting articles from this site. All of my past articles have been moved over to the new site and are still available to access.

Unfortunately, during the upgrade, I cannot carry over my subscribers :(.

Please head on over to the new site, www.katefreemannutrition.com.au, where you can re-subscribe and  still receive all the healthy eating and exercise articles that I will be continuing to write well into the future!

I want to thank you for being patient with the website during this time as I iron out a few bugs and get it up to scratch, it shouldn’t take too long.

Thank you for your readership, it’s a great feeling knowing that people read my work and I hope that I’ve inspired you in some way to get out and be active, eat well and change your life!

I look forward the opportunity of continuing to provide you with further advice!


Kate 🙂


About Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is a Registered Nutritionist who is passionate about providing honest, simple nutrition advice and doing it in such a way that inspires and motivates you to make positive lifestyle changes to achieve your health and nutritional goals. She's married with 2 children and live in New South Wales, Australia.

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