Results, Results, Results – Week 7

This post is part of a series documenting my progress through Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge (12WBT). To read the first post click here.

Five years ago I began a 12 week challenge very similar to the 12WBT. It didn’t have the same online support and encouragement that Michelle Bridges offers but it was all about transforming your body to become the best version of yourself.

I quit after 4 weeks.

In fact, up until this point I’ve never stuck at exercise long enough to see the physical results. Benefits such as increased muscle tone, higher levels of cardiovascular fitness, improved energy levels and better health and general well-being are only something that I’ve encountered through years of studying nutrition and exercise physiology, not something I’ve experienced for myself. Until… NOW!

It’s amazing! I look in the mirror and I’m looking at a different body! The muscle tone and improvements to my baby belly is phenomenal! Just one week ago I couldn’t notice any changes and this morning I woke up and I had a new perspective.

It’s so incredible to experience these physical improvements personally. Benefits I’ve only ever read about.

A friend of mine who owns his own personal training company said to me many years ago that only 5% of people who join a gym actually get the results that they signed up for. People either quit after a few weeks of joining or they don’t push themselves hard enough or consistently enough. I have never been that statistic. I was one of the 95% who was sporadic, inconsistent or just plain lazy!

To have finally made it to the point where I’ve been consistent enough to get the results I’ve always wanted is incredible. I have never felt better about my body or my health. I feel fit, have so much energy, sleep like a log and the personal discipline of daily exercise has spilled over into other areas of my life.

All I want to say to anyone reading this post is this:


Keep going, keep trying, keep giving it your all. Eventually something will click, something will change. Before you know it your living in a fitter, healthier, slimmer body.

Someone once told me that in order for people to change their lifestyle they need to have a ‘moment of inspiration’. I think everyone is different in terms of the reasons why they make lifestyle changes, but I do believe you need to get to the point where you want something so bad  you’ll do anything to make it happen. There is no such thing as excuses if you really want something.

You may only be able to take baby steps at first. That’s OK. If all you can manage is one twenty minute exercise session a week, then do that and give it your all. After a month or so, add in another session. If you gradually add sessions into your week over 6 months you’ll find that you are doing something on most days but you did it so gradually that it was an nice, easy progression.

Let me encourage you. If I can do it, so can you!

Get off the couch, set some goals and achieve the things you always wanted to. Why not experience the incredible benefits of regular exercise rather than just hearing about it. Let me assure you, it’s absolutely worth it. My only regret is that I didn’t figure this out years ago!

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About Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is a Registered Nutritionist who is passionate about providing honest, simple nutrition advice and doing it in such a way that inspires and motivates you to make positive lifestyle changes to achieve your health and nutritional goals. She's married with 2 children and live in New South Wales, Australia.

2 Responses to Results, Results, Results – Week 7

  1. Jill says:

    Thanks So much for your encouragement – you are such an inspiration!

  2. Angie says:

    Great post! So true…..and I am definitely sleeping so much better now and it is worth it just for that!!

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